• Metalmont is founded. Our customers are manufacturers of furniture for offices, museums and shops outfitters, constructors of replaces for home heating, and automotive companies specialised in coach manufacturing.
    This wide variety of sectors is still at the base of the knowledge and technical skills we put in our projects in order to meet both the exibility and the accuracy required.


  • Production of the first screw. The first machine that started Metalmont’s long journey in the sector of grain handling and cleaning systems.


  • The need for larger operational spaces, allowing for a safer and more comfortable workplace, coupled with the necessity to expand the production, required the company to move to the current facility with a covered production area of 2,500 m2.


  • Development of the first “turnkey” equipment with the addition of conveyors, elevators and cleaners.


  • After a thorough analytical process, leading to a reorganisation of its production processes, Metalmont obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001 certi cation: the first step to ensure full compliance with all the applicable regulations and the good design, production and sales practices, both in Italy and abroad.


  • The company buys its first high-performance laser cutting equipment for metal sheets, thus completing, together with the welding robot and CNC systems, the technological equipment required to achieve production autonomy and flexibility in order to improve both production e efficiency and product quality.


  • After extensive experience within the domestic market, for the first time, we sell abroad: in Romania, a country that will prove to be one of our most successful markets thanks to a largest number of Metalmont-branded products installed there.


  • Thanks to collaboration with prominent companies in the warehousing segment, and to the will to expand the range of grain handling solutions, Metalmont realises and installs in Sardinia, Italy, the first automatic levelling system for warehouses: the company makes its first steps in the world of automation.


  • The covered production area increases, reaching the current 4,500 m2.


  • For the first time, the Board of Directors welcomes other members of the Meghini family, the current owner of the company, in order to give continuity to its management structure.


  • Metalmont designs, manufactures and installs, on the barges sailing along the Danube river, a silos handling system operating through a telescopic and foldable handler: an example of products entirely developed around the customer’s needs.


  • With a view to constant technological update of the company, Metalmont installs the first fully automated machining centre for metal sheet cutting and stamping.


  • Metalmont obtains the UNI EN ISO 3834 Certification for its processes and the personnel in charge of welding: one of the most critical operations during product assembly. That same year, the company is acknowledged as a Processing Centre in compliance with the Technical Standards for Constructions.


  • In order to address the increasing requests for steel structural works from customers, Metalmont obtains the UNI EN 1090 Certi cation, specifying all the performance and compliance requirements related to structural components.


  • Completion and installation of an automated levelling system for the Russian market, one of the first warehouse automation systems ever installed for grain storage in this country: a further con confirmation of the high quality and designing skills of Metalmont products.


  • Completion of the first project exceeding 1.0 M€ in Romania: a plant considered as a landmark for application of Metalmont machines due to its complexity and variety of products installed.


  • The Integrated Management System is upgraded in compliance with the UNI-INAIL guidelines: renewing to company’s commitment towards safety in the workplace and among workers.


  • The need to improve our commercial offer within the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union is at the base of the EAC certification for all Metalmont machines and models.


  • To ensure a better company organisation, prevent any risks and protect every future growth and development activity, Metalmont defines a Model of Organisation, Management and Control under the Legislative Decree 231/01, which is effectively enforced in support of every process and activity inside and outside the company.


  • Engineer Meghini, founder and soul of the company, passes away. He is farewelled by family, colleagues, collaborators, friends and acquaintances with a ceremony in the Metalmont premises, an important moment of memory and meditation on his professional and entrepreneurial experience, and of a great traveller.


  • Start-up of 2 machines compliant with the “Industry 4.0” protocol: a fiber optic laser cutting system and a bending machine with automatic tool change system. Their integration into production processes aims to increase production capacity, reduce delivery times and increase the quality of the products.


  • Metalmont’s turnover reaches 5.4 million euros, a great sign of post-pandemic recovery.

    The Metalmont Board of Directors welcomes Eng. Giorgio Zanchetta, who brings a long experience as an executive and entrepreneur.