Metalmont supplies all the accessories for connection and integration between cereals handling and cleaning machines
and other bulk agricultural products, such as: ducts, pipes, sleeves, collars, flanges, hoppers.


To complete the cleaning systems of bulk agricultural products, Metalmont supplies Cyclones with a star valve and the connecting pipes for the collection of dusts.


Metalmont designs and supplies the structures in metallic carpentry to support, fix and access all the machines like stairs, catwalks, platforms, brackets, trellis …


Diverter valves are a system for diverting the flow of bulk agricultural products, therefore they have one entry and two or three exits.
The valves are made of robust galvanized steel sheet body and have one or two moving vanes inside,
made of steel with a side seal in plastic material for dust sealing.
Metalmont valves can be 2-ways, symmetric or asymmetric, or 3-ways, manually (VD Series), motorize (VDM Series) or pneumatic (VP Series) operated.
All valves are equipped with inductive or mechanical sensors for controlling the position of the vanes.

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