Environment Project: the importance of sharing

Environment Project: the importance of sharing

The period of uncertainty but also of opportunities that we are living in must not make us forget about the responsibility for corporate decisions on the sustainability subject.

A delegation from the Sustainability Group of the Assindustria Veneto Centro Association, composed of entrepreneurs and managers from over 30 companies, that implemented social, economic and environmental sustainability programs, met in Metalmont to share experience, challenges and future prospects.

To welcome them, Metalmont CEO, Iacopo Meghini, and the QHSE Manager, Francesco Bianco, who presented to the companies Veneto Vetro (https://www.venetovetro.it/), Lucart (https://www.lucartgroup.com), Codognotto (http://www.codognotto.eu/en), Molino Rachello (https://www.molinorachello.it/) and to Mr. Mario Paronetto, coordinator of the Sustainability Group, the current projects and the activities planned for the future, with the awareness that the sharing of experiences and the exchange of information, even among apparently very different companies, are essential and represent the founding motif of the group.

Since 2018, Metalmont has adopted an Organization, Management and Control Model to guarantee the governance of the company and guide all the actions that have an impact on the organization, on the economic and financial control, on product development activities and on reduction of the energy impact, with short and long term projects and investments. Environmental sustainability in Metalmont is in fact part of a wider system with investments in products, in the site and above all in the corporate culture, which calls for the involvement of the entire supply chain, from upstream suppliers and partners, to the customer and users downstream of the process. For Metalmont, a system approach is the goal to be pursued now and tomorrow and a reason for the choice and qualification of all stakeholders.

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Sustainable Group Delegation in Metalmont



Sustainable Group meeting