Our Technology

One of the strengths of Metalmont S.r.l. is its willingness to aid its customers in resolving their technical requests both during the acquisition of the order and after the sale and installation of the products, developing in-house solutions and the production cycle with customized solutions up to checking the product before shipping and subsequently with verifications at the customer’s facility.

All of Metalmont’s machines and machining centres, on the basis of each type and, therefore, each field of application, are used to manufacture various types of items, which can be mainly classified as follows:
  • Machines for handling and cleaning agricultural products (grain, flour) and bulk products (pellets, sawdust);
  • tructural components for the automobile industry;
  • Office furniture structures;
  • Fireplaces and low-pressure boilers.
These machines can be also used for machining any other component in any other field, with machining that is compatible with the type and with the characteristics of the individual machine.


Through the years Metalmont’s production systems experienced continuous development by means of a significant process of improvement that resulted in the company being equipped with the most modern computerized numerical control technologies to guarantee greater efficiency and control of costs and times, to ensure and guarantee adherence to the specifications, and to meet the quality standards required by the regulations in force and by the technical specifications.
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