General Quality Policy

Metalmont's mission is to design, produce and commercialized metal carpentry products for the agricultural sector, mainly targeted at emerging markets and developing countries; ensure working conditions based on principles of fairness, solidity, honesty and respect; To ensure the remuneration of the invested capital.

The Mission, the foundation of the company's operations, is supported by the following principles and objectives that are addressed to all stakeholders: Clients, Employees, Suppliers and Partners, Members:
  • Work to anticipate, understand and meet the needs of our Customers with high quality products at the right price and with a constant search for innovation; to establish with our Customers a trusted relationship in the development of new solutions, production resources and services offered; Look for customers with proven financial strength to safeguard the company's ability to meet the required present and future commitments;
  • Work with responsibility for Employees, respecting their dignity and due recognition of their merits and achievements, supporting professional and personal growth and the acquisition of skills and knowledge in line with business goals and natural evolution of the market.  The workplace must give a sense of security, the remuneration must be fair and adequate and the environment must be clean, orderly and free of dangers.
    Everyone must feel free to propose suggestions and make complaints and must be involved and support corporate policies and strategies. Especially those related to customer satisfaction, new product development, and the development of the internal organization with a sense of responsibility and respect for the work environment, colleagues, customers and suppliers, in accordance with current legislation and with the aim of improving the management system in accordance with international standards and UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI EN ISO 3834-2 standards;
  • Work with reliable Partners, with whom research, maintain and consolidate relationships of mutual collaboration, pursuing common objectives of: product, innovation, economic return and customer satisfaction;
  • Work with a sense of responsibility towards members, with the aim of: generating a fair profit, experimenting new ideas, developing the research, introducing innovative programs and launching new products and creating reserves to ensure the company in adverse moments to take on responsibility in case of errors.
  • Meet mandatory and customer requirements by constantly improving the degree of adherence to stakeholders requirements and needs and at the same time improving management system, approaching changes and evolutions through a "risk-based thinking" approach.
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