Screw Conveyor - CA Series


Screw conveyors are one of the most widely used systems for moving bulk materials in general, along horizontal or moderately inclined paths up to 17°.

Their intrinsic simplicity has led to them being adopted for the most diverse industrial applications throughout the world. Metalmont screw conveyors are suitable for conveying granular materials, particularly cereals, seeds and their derivatives.

In designing these products, Metalmont has scrupulously applied the latest and most stringent standards with regard to operator safety, reliability in the most arduous working conditions and construction quality, with the aim of reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Metalmont CA Series conveyors (CA series open auger horizontal conveyor) are also available on request with ATEX 22 certification. The standard operating temperature range is 0 to 40 °C.

Information on our past installations and customer portfolio is available on request.


The range of Metalmont CA Series conveyors comprises 3 models, differentiated by their typical load capacity. The typical nominal load capacity is calculated based on wheat with volumetric mass 0.78 t/m3, moisture content 16%, max. impurity 2%.
With reference to the various materials, the indicative hourly load capacity in ton/h is:

Model Grain Soy Sunflower Paddy Bran Derivatives Flour
t/m3 0,78 0,70 0,40 0,60 0,25 0,35 0,50
CA 040 40 40 20 30 10 15 20
CA 060 60 60 35 50 20 30 40
CA 100 100 100 60 85 35 50 70
Metalmont CA Series conveyors can be customised on request:
  • Different types of discharge devices
  • Hot dip galvanised or powder coated frame
  • Stainless steel frame


Metalmont CA Series conveyors are available with a series of accessories that facilitate their effective installation in the plant.

Loading and discharge: for loading and discharge of material, various hoppers are available for connection to the tail (loading) or head (discharge). The connections can be round in different diameters, with or without flanges or with square flange.

Universal joint: to carry material along a slightly inclined flight, the spiral can be made in two sections that are connected to each other by means of a universal joint (suitably supported by specific intermediate members).

Cradles and stoppers: cradles are floor-standing, height- adjustable mounts for the different sizes of screw. Stoppers are used on silos, to seal the profile of the screw on the wall.

Metal joinery components: in addition to specific accessories for the correct installation of its machines, Metalmont is also a long-standing supplier of more general but equally useful plant access and structural solutions such as staircases, rest platforms, inspection platforms, walkways, frameworks and bracketing of all kinds, from simple brackets to backstays for supporting long sections of piping, shelves and stands.

Product Detail

Screw Conveyor - CA Series

Machine conformity certification

Metalmont CA Series conveyors conform to current legislative requirements and in particular:
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC
On request, Metalmont can supply the same machine suitable for zone 22 in accordance with ATEX Directory 99/92/EC. Phonometric risk analysis tests demonstrate that the noise generated by the machine during normal operation is lower than 80 dB(A).
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