1. Personal Data Controller

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2. Personal Data

Entirely considered personal data, namely every information concerning identified or identifiable Individual; identifiable can be considered the person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, referring to an identifier item like name, identification number, place of residence, on line identification and/or one or more characteristic elements of its her/his physical, physiological, genetic, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity (EU 2016/679 Regulation).
Controller (p.1) manages personal data of individuals involved in contractual relation phases, pre-contractual and post-contractual ones, with suppliers and clients, and every organization with which develop every type of relationship

3. Management aims

Execution of the contract in which the Data subject is part and/or execution of pre-contractual measures to adopt between Data subject and Controller (p.1), for its concrete or potential development, referring to economic and commercial transaction too. Aims include managements necessary to comply to legal obligations end persecution of legitimate interests of the Controller (p.1), as the conservation of Individual vital interests too (EU 2016/679 regulation)
The transfer of the data is voluntary, however deny of the transfer implies the impossibility for the Controller (p.1) to fill its database and consequently develop the before cited aims.

4. Management mode

Data are collected and managed in printed version, magnetic support, electronic version and/or telematic one. Information and organizational system guarantee complete respect of the protection measures able to preserve the data. Correctness, minimization, limitation, integrity and confidentiality principles are used through the persecution of the scopes above cited (art 5 2016/679 Regulation).

5. Data recipients

Individual or legal persons public authority, services or every other organization, internal or external to the organization Controller, that receive communication of the data as Controller of the management  (control and supervisory authorities, and legitimate entities) or as responsible of the management that operate on behalf of the Controller (p.1), as well as Instructed of the management under direct authority of Controller (p.1) or Responsible (EU 2016/679 Regulation).
For contractual or pre-contractual aims only, the management can be transferred into abroad organization in accordance to 45-46 articles UE 2016/679 Regulation.

6. Retention Period

Personal data collected for aims in this reporting described are being preserved for the ten year after the withdrawal of the consensus and/or the conclusion of the aims (p.3), except that data are part of other managements of the same Controller (p.1); in every case at the withdrawal of the consensus the data are not being managed for the aim described.

7. Rights and exercise of the rigths

As Data subject, the individual can exercise transparency, information, access, correction, oblivion, limitation, portability and objection rights, well as lodge a complaint to control authority (EU 2016/679 regulation).
Data subject can in every moment exercise above cited rights by means of e-mail

8. Automatic decisional process

None automatic decisional process is managing data described in this reporting. (EU 2016/679 Regulation)
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