Metalmont core business is the production and sale, In Italy and abroad, of machines and installations for the storage and handling of grains in the agricultural field.

The company carries out internally the development, executive design of drawings and the realizations of the products, from basic processing to final assembly. The production is structured to guarantee maximum responsiveness to customer requirements, aided by the use of Numerical Control (NC) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machineries. Metalmont srl operates also in the [...]

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Our solutions for the handling and storage of agricultural products.

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One of the strengths of Metalmont S.r.l. is its willingness to aid its customers in resolving their technical requests both during the acquisition of the order and after the sale and installation of the products, developing in-house solutions and the production cycle with customized solutions up to checking the product before shipping and subsequently with verifications at the customer’s facility.

All of Metalmont’s machines and machining centres, on the basis of each type and, therefore, each field of application, are used to manufacture various types of items, which can be mainly classified as follows: [...]

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News & Events

June 2017

Lago Film Fest 2017

Metalmont will be the sponsor, once again, of the wonderful event between suggestive hamlets and lacustric landscape.
Sensible as always to local initiatives.


Metalmont works to develop and offer a service with a continuous improvement view, to anticipate and meet market demand, complying with regulations, raising awareness and involving its employees, suppliers, partners and customers[...]

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