Metalmont core business is the production and sale, In Italy and abroad, of machines and installations for the storage and handling of grains in the agricultural field.

The company carries out internally the development, executive design of drawings and the realizations of the products, from basic processing to final assembly. The production is structured to guarantee maximum responsiveness to customer requirements, aided by the use of Numerical Control (NC) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machineries.

Metalmont srl operates also in the transport (Automotive), office furniture (Office), domestic boilers (Thermal) and processing under contract (3rd parties)

Flexibility in the development of different types of products, whether made-to-order or produced in series, in compliance with internationally recognised quality/safety standards and certifications (UNI EN ISO 9001/2008, CE marking, ATEX certification, UNI EN ISO 3834 certification, NTC qualification) is just one of the strengths of Metalmont srl..

Experience in its core industries, a qualified workforce, readiness to create long-lasting partnerships with customer and suppliers and a strong ability to adapt to market needs are the hallmarks that define the activity and products of Metalmont srl.




Metalmont S.r.l. was founded in 1986 to produce light structural metalwork products and to provide toll manufacturing in the office furniture sector, in the field of components for the automobile industry, and in the development of boilers and metal structures for fireplaces.

In 1995 the first computerized numerical control (CNC) machine was purchased, which initiated a drive towards continuous modernization of the technological systems, resulting in the acquisition of two laser machines for cutting sheet metal, bending presses for bending sheet metal, and the latest acquisition made in 2011 of a machining centre with completely automatic loading and unloading for punching sheet metal up to 6 mm thick.

In 1995 the first screw conveyor was manufactured, which opened the door for the company to the sector of manufacturing machines and systems for storing and handling grain in an agricultural environment.

The need for more space as well as more efficient and safer working conditions resulted in a move to new headquarters in 2000, which were later expanded in 2010 with the construction of a second industrial facility intended to house the assembly of more complex agricultural machines (e.g., robots and telescopic systems).

In 2006 the company obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification and began to progressively improve its processes, its organization, and the training of its personnel.

In 2010 Metalmont joined Unindustria Treviso and took part in various initiatives, especially with regard to training, but also in relation to foreign trade missions. Also in 2010 the Board of Directors was formally established, and the company accepted into its corporate structure other members of the Meghini family, the current owner of the company.

Organization Chart

Where we operate

Metalmont has always sold through multiple-brand distributors and in the agricultural sector with both Italian and foreign installers.

The markets where Metalmont products are sold and installed are shown in the figure.


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